Unbleached Linen Bread Bag (Pack of 2)

Unbleached Linen Bread Bags: Are They the Best Bread Bags?

We all love our loaf of bread fresh, don’t we? But if there is a leftover and not stored properly it gets stale and toasted the next day. Poor bread. Many of us resort to plastic bags and paper bags for our home baked or bakeshop bought breads for storage, but then they are not just enough. We still end up with an unpleasant result.

If you’re determined to find the right bread storage, you might have head of this unbleached linen bag. Strangely enough, yes, it does the trick in keeping bread fresh longer, and that’s not all. It does more than what it’s expected to deliver. Let’s discuss more of why unbleached linen bread bag is the answer to storing and keeping bread fresh.

What is an unbleached linen bread bag?

An excellent way to store bread and keep it fresh longer, an unbleached linen bag does the trick for bakers looking for a cost-effective way of storing their bread. It is unlike single-use plastic bags that is non-breathable and does not do the job, not to mention it clogging our waterways and filling up the landfills.

Unbleached linen, from the term itself, isn’t processed and bleached. It maintains linen’s natural color, property, and fiber. It is more sustainable and environment-friendly. (More on this later)

It is in its original color, opaque, and is naturally voluminous with a comfortable feel to the touch and skin.  While it might not be flawless, it’s safer for us and the environment.

What makes unbleached linen better than bleached linen? 

Industrial bleaching poses health and environmental issues.  First, it requires a huge amount of water and uses much energy. Even worse, bleaching linen also causes the depletion of water reserves, while also polluting the soil, water, and air.

Chlorine ends up in the soil and water bodies, negatively impacting the environment and wildlife for years. It also causes health issues, including respiratory diseases to humans. For highly-sensitive individuals, using bleached products can also cause allergies and skin irritation.

Plus, bleached fabrics are not as tough as unbleached ones like unbleached linen. They are more prone to damage and often ended up having weak fibers.

What are the benefits of unbleached linen bread bags?

Storing your bread in an unbleached linen bag is the way to go for keeping bread delicious, fresh, and non-soggy (especially for crusty breads), fluffy and soft on the inside but crisp on the outside. Besides this primary advantage, unbleached linen bread bags offer more!

Marine life preservation

Single-use plastic bags causes the death of 1,000 sea turtles annually.  According to the researchers at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), one turtle is likely to die by 22% from ingesting plastic.

Ingesting a plastic item can mean a death sentence for sea turtles, with sharp ones rupturing their organs and bags resulting to starvation for their inability to feed due to intestinal blockages.

Save marine life and ditch the plastic bread bags! They’re not just non-biodegradable but also kills turtles, whales, and other marine life.


Linen is a naturally beautiful fabric, often with a beige, light brown, or off-white color.  But to achieve uniformity in appearance, linen fabric facilities use tons of bleach and dyes.

Linen is bleached and dyed. However, the processes involved to achieve the desired result leads to high water and much energy consumption.

This is not the case for unbleached linen. It doesn’t have to undergo these processes. It retains its properties – with durable fabric and natural color.

Unbleached linen bread bags do not pollute the waterways, rivers, oceans, and other water sources. They do not require the heavy use of water and energy. Thus, they are more sustainable – and practical.


Unbleached linen bread bags are multi-purpose. They can be used for fruits, vegetables, and other foods. Your imagination is the limit to their number of uses!  These bread bags are also lightweight and easy to bring anywhere – picnics, beach, camping, and so on.

Washable and reusable

These breathable bread bags are economical because they are easy to wash and extremely reusable. In this regard, they do not add to the landfill unlike with plastic bread bags that have severe environmental and health impact.

[Did you know that five trillion tons of plastic bags are used worldwide annually, and half of them are single use plastics!]

An unbleached linen bag is eco-friendly and made from 100% biodegradable materials. They do not pollute the environment and kill marine life.

They can last for many years even with repeated washing and use because they are not prone to wear and tear for their durable and strong fabric (unlike bleached linen that has weak fabric due to processing).


Flax, which is the world’s oldest natural fiber, has hollow fibers. This property makes linen breathable, so it is ideal for keeping bread fresh longer than cotton bread bags or plastic bags do.  Plastic bags do not also allow the bread to breathe. Especially if you have just taken bread out the oven, you’ll get soggy or moldy bread for wrapping it in a plastic bag.

Bread in the dark

Unbleached linen bread bags keep breads in the dark, providing an ideal medium to keep them fresh for up to two days. So, if you want to save money and enjoy tasty bread the next day, consider unbleached linen bread bags in your kitchen.


Linen is one of the best fabrics for wicking water away. Using unbleached linen bread bags, you can keep moisture away from your bread.


In this department, linen wins when compared to other fabrics like cotton. Linen possesses natural durability and strength. It won’t start pilling even after many years. It is the more economical choice that saves more money in the end.

Unbleached linen bread bags are the best bread bags because they are–

  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Reusable and washable
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Economical and practical

Begin your journey to sustainable living with reusable, washable, and eco-friendly unbleached linen bread bags.  With them, breads do not just stay fresh and delicious, but you’re also saving the environment and Earth – our only home in the universe.

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