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Pass up on paper towel and switch to a better alternative – paperless towels.  The nonPaper towels are multi-purpose and versatile. Use them as baby bottom wipes, baby burp cloths, tea napkins, makeup removers, or kitchen towels – and so many more!

Save money and reduce environmental waste with these reusable and washable nonPaper Towels. The paperless kitchen towel conserves nature and protect trees used for global paper towel production.

We produce our nonPaper towels using high quality standard organic cotton.

Switch to an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels.

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    The North America’s paper towel habit wipes out 51,000 trees daily.  Additionally, the paper industry consumes more water vs. any other industries, and 254 million tons of discarded paper towels are collected in landfill sites annually. Both paper and pulp are the 3rd cause of land, water, and air pollution in the United States and Canada, releasing more than 100 million kilograms of toxic pollutants annually.


    Do something to save nature and conserve water and trees with nonPaper Towels!  They’re the way to go for many households through the years because they are environmentally-friendly and moneysaving.


    Features & Benefits

    • Washable and reusable
    • Biodegradable and high-quality organic cotton
    • Reduces landfill waste, saves thousands of trees, and reduces water consumption used in paper towel production
    • Multi-purpose



    • 2-ply towel
    • Size: 25 x 25 cm
    • GOTS-certified organic cotton
    • Pack of 10 pieces
    • Option for a rolled or folded set


    Care and cleaning instructions

    • Wash before use.
    • Though our nonPaper towels are machine washable on gentle cycle, we prefer that they are hand washed with cold water and hanged to dry. Do not spin dry.








    Weight0.254 kg
    Dimensions5.5 × 8 × 25 cm
    Choose an option:

    Folded, Rolled

    Choose a Pattern:

    Assorted, Monster Pattern


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