Cornflower Pattern Dishcloth

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A little background on Swedish dishcloths:  In 1949, Curt Lindqvist, an engineer, developed and invented the dishcloths. It’s the ideal replacement for common kitchen sponges and microfiber cloth that can encourage bacteria growth and often contain plastic materials. For over 60 years, Swedish dishcloths are a staple in thousands of households.

Swedish dishcloths are eco-friendly! These dishcloths are made of biodegradable materials – all-natural waste cotton that is too short for the textile industry and cellulose fibres from FSC-marked forests. The reusable dishcloths are also more highly-absorbent and durable than traditional dishcloths, saving you money in the end.

Make your kitchen come alive, reduce plastic waste. Switch to Swedish dishcloths!

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    Features & Benefits

    • 100% biodegradable, reduces landfill waste
    • Water-based ink printing material
    • Can absorb up to 20 times their weight
    • A dishcloth replaces up to 17 paper towel rolls
    • Absorbs more for its super absorbent properties
    • Can be squeezed out easily
    • No streaking; can clean all bath and kitchen surfaces easily
    • Suitable for glass top stoves, stainless-steel, laminate surfaces, and granite
    • Can be boiled and washed for up to 90 degrees in either a washing machine or dishwasher
    • Quick drying, preventing the accumulation and growth of harmful microbes and bacteria
    • Made and printed in Sweden



    • 172 x 195mm
    • Made of 70% cellulose fibre and 30% cotton waste


    Care and cleaning instructions

    • The eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths are dishwasher- and washing machine-friendly.
    • Wash when needed.




    Weight0.011 kg
    Dimensions172 × 195 cm
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